Administración Portuaria Integral de Puerto Madero

API calls Committe for attention to pollution on the fishing dock at Puerto Chiapas

API Chiapas concerned to mitigate the damage done to ocean bed on the port area, called to a meeting for the creation of the pollution committee for fishing dock at Puerto Chiapas; this committee is composed of the port community and relevant authorities, and it is continuously in session from June 15, 2015 when the incident of fish mortality was presented.

Railway between Guatemala and Mexico, connectivity across Puerto Chiapas

Thanks to its connectivity Puerto Chiapas is considered an Intermodal Port, since it has various means of transportation: By land, sea and rail, to perform quickly and efficiently goods moving. This drives the port to be more competitive and many companies find it a logistical advantage.

Go women
Demos el Paso…Vamos por un 50-50

In Puerto Chiapas we appreciate the fundamental role of women in Mexican society, that is why the Port Authority of Puerto Madero in coordination with Procesa celebrated women workers of the port.

Puerto Chiapas is considered again the best option in sugar exports to the US

The sugar industry in Mexico is historically one of the most important, because of its economic and social relevance in the field. It takes place in 15 states and 227 municipalities, generating a primary production value of around 30 billion pesos.

Historical closing for Puerto Chiapas, raising commercial activity a 66%

Puerto Chiapas ended its business year 2015 this 31 of december with the ship MV Atlantic Veracruz which made its second arrival to this port.

Princess Cruise Line opens cruise season 2016

With the stunning Island Princess cruise of 294 meters length, Puerto Chiapas reactivates its tourism.

Puerto Chiapas starts the year with investment in maintenance dredging

Due to the needs and requirements of the commercial activity in Puerto Chiapas during 2015, the administrative started actions to maintain the areas of navigation.

Puerto Chiapas concludes tourist season 2015 with the arrival of cruises Amsterdam and Seabourn Odyssey

Puerto Chiapas ends tourist season 2015 with the arrival of cruise AMSTERDAM Holland America and Seabourn Odyssey Seabourn.

Puerto Chiapas meets international safety standards

Based on the terrorist attacks of September 11 against the United States, it was found that the ports and airports were vulnerable, so the International Maritime Organization (IMO), specialized agency of the United Nations with responsibility for safety navigation and prevention of marine pollution by ships, adopted major international maritime security measures in response to these attacks, since July 1st, 2004.

Inaugural arrival of German line in Puerto Chiapas

Puerto Chiapas expands its horizons to new potential markets, the proof is that on March 10 this year, arrived for the first time at 6:36 am the German line Phoenix Reisen Cruises, a travel agency that also operates a fleet of ships cruise.