Administración Portuaria Integral de Puerto Madero

Business Projects

The archaeological and natural beauties of the State through Puerto Chiapas will be accessible for the tourist of cruises. With the basis of analysis of the potential market for Puerto Chiapas, it is shown at first and under a conservative perspective, satisfactory results in the different premises established for this project. A study carried out recently indicates that the western coast of Mexico is a destiny with potential and tourist attractiveness, for which the tendency of growth in the traffic of cruises goes toward that zone.



Business Lines  



Specialized Terminal Operated by Private

Administrated by API

 Complementary Business


Consolidation and Deconsolidation


Special Equipment Rental


Containers Cleaning and Maintenance


Added value services


General Load

Multifunctional Terminal

Administraded by API

 complementary Business:


Loading Managing Services



Contracts of Service Providers



Special Equipment Rental


Cruceros internacional

Specialized terminal operated by private

Bidding including internal commercial area

Complementary business:


Land Transportation


Tourist Information Services  

 contracts of partial Assignment  of rights

Exchange rate

Developed areas by the port

Food and drinks

Services providers for operators

Several Communication Services


Handicraft selling


Ship services



Gas and lubricants selling




Stub tie and untie


Solid and liquid waste Collecting